In-Person: 2-Day Special Education Advocacy Intensive Training

Hosted by Special Education Academy™

Are you a parent that sits at the 504/IEP table that is frustrated with the process or wants a better understanding of the process?

Are you a Professional Special Education Advocate?

Or are you interested in becoming a Professional Special Education Advocate?

This training is for YOU and ALL that sit at the 504/IEP table and wants to change a child’s life by ensuring that every child is guaranteed successful student outcomes. 


Presented by
Karen Mayer Cunningham,
the Special Education Boss™

In-Person Training for Families, Educators, and Leaders involved in the 504/IEP process

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What People are Saying … 

Karen is the reason my son has a chance. He was in third grade when I found her; I quickly joined The Academy and began looking through my son’s initial evaluation and IEP. It didn’t take long for me to see the many problems and violations; a week later, I emailed Karen asking for her help. She walked with me through his third-grade year while we forced the district to reevaluate him and craft an appropriate IEP that would serve his needs. Through this personal experience, I saw that it wasn’t just my child. Millions of children are passed along and underserved every day, not just mine. So when the opportunity to take the inaugural 2- day intensive presented itself, I couldn’t pass it up. I few to Houston and emersed myself in everything IDEA, goals, accommodations…Etc. This experience of learning from Karen was life-changing, I was not only able to leave a job that was no longer serving me, but I was able to get my children the services and compensatory time they deserve. Now I hope to do the same for others.
~KP Parent

Parent, Special Education Advocate

I’m going through the training now. I can’t believe how much I now know I didn’t know! After only 3 modules! …I will keep plugging away and I know this will help me advocate for him.


Karen’s no nonsense, tell it like it is, very direct and effective approach, sprinkled with a little humor is helping families nationwide. Karen is quick to remind everyone … “When we get it right for the child, we get it right for everyone.”
Team, Special Education Academy

Karen Mayer Cunningham is the Special Education Boss™!

Karen has been advocating on behalf of children for 25+ years.

Karen is relentless in getting the services and resources your child needs to succeed in the classroom.

Her unlikely journey as an advocate began in an effort to get needed services for her own son, but along the way, found a calling to share the resources she had discovered.

Karen is dedicated to educating families, equipping them with the training and information that they need to successfully navigate the special education system.

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